Eaton is a global technology leader in diversified power management solutions that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.

Available from the range;

- Synflex tubing

- E-Z clip refrigerant

- Global TTC

- Spiral 4-6W skive

- Port & thread identification kits

- Hydraulic hose 

- Refrigerant hose

- Synflex hose

- Valves & pumps

- DIN 2353 hydraulic fittings

DNP The Leader in Coupling Innovation

DNP Hydraulic Couplings are manufactured in Italy by a highly skilled, experienced team to produce a superior product that is interchangeable with other major manufacturers. Flowtechnology has access to the full range of over 60 variations of couplings, including ISO A, ISO B, Screw/ISO 1454, flat face, and pull-push with working pressures up to 1500 bar. The range also includes multi-coupling plates which allow simultaneous coupling and uncoupling of a certain number of hydraulic and electrical lines.

DNP combines sophisticated complex technology, strict production and assembly controls, and systematic rigorous testing in order to produce this vast range of superior couplings.


Bowman Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Bowman - a world leader in heat exchanger technology

These oil coolers are also suitable for heat transfer fluids, lubricating and quenching oils. They are high-quality products incorporating the best materials and the latest technical features. The tube stack is fully floating, so that thermal stresses are minimised and it can be easily removed, should cleaning be necessary.

- Quality

- Efficiency

- Reliability

The first choice for cooling hydraulic systems



Flowtechnology World supply a wide range of Parker Legris Push in Fittings, Control Regulators, Hose, Connectors and Silencers

- Parker Legris ball valves

- Parker Legris blow guns

- Parker Legris pneumatic quick release couplings & plugs

- Parker Legris polymer tubing


Rectus Tema

Decades of experience in the construction and production of high quality coupling systems for the widest variety of media in the low and medium/high pressure range.

With the internationally established Rectus and Tema product brands, you can be certain that the know-how is always available and reliable.

For decades, Rectus quick connect couplings have been a name for the highest precision and reliability. The low pressure systems are used in many sectors, primarily for compressed air, but also for connections with liquid media.

With their many innovative design variants, Tema quick connect couplings are among the best hydraulic connection elements in the world. What makes them especially brilliant is the negligible drop in pressure and maximum power transition.

Whether under water, in aerospace, on the high seas, on the street, or in industry – Rectus quick connect coupling systems are at home in many domains and represent the right solution in numerous technical applications.

The modular structure allows you to benefit from a wide standard range, which includes a suitable system for most applications.


Domnick Hunter

Air Filtration, Purification & Separation

Combining the unique filter element with a specially designed advanced air flow management system, the Domnick Hunter OIL-X range is engineered to not only deliver air quality in accordance with ISO 8573-1 classifications, but it does so with a extremely low differential pressure - ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

Providing an optimal flow path is key to reducing system operating costs.

Using aerospace technology, Domnick Hunter has optimised the flow path through the housing and element, significantly reducing air turbulence and pressure losses.



Global supplier of pneumatic and fluid control products.

Flowtechnology World has access to over 10,000 product lines via Norgren's European Distribution Centre.

Norgren's extensive product range comprises other leading brands including; Pneufit, Enots, Herion, Martonair, Buschjost, Lintra, Excelon, Plympian and Fleetfit.


Pneumatic actuators are the product used to provide motion and force to industrial automation applications. Linear and rotary output, they are available in all manner of sizes and styles to suit most requirements. 


In industrial automation, valvescan be as simple or complex as required. Norgren has many brand names associated with its valveranges - Herion, Buschjost, Walter, FAS, Webber, watson Smith, Maxseal, Enots and Martonair.

Pressure Switches

Pressure switches can be used to automatically monitor pressure levels in a compressed air system. They can also be used for more complex monitoring functions in air, water of hydraulic applications.


Vacuum is most commonly used for picking and placing components in assembly automation systems. Generated from a compressed air supply, this can be controlled very simply in order to perform most common tasks. The range includes a range of pumps , cups, switches, and accessories; easily selected and applied.

Burnett & Hillman

Burnett & Hillman have been manufacturing high quality hydraulic adaptors and fittings in the UK since 1965.

A UK manufacturer with an extensive range of high quality adaptors, customised solutions, a complete range and backed up with ISO accreditation.

Flowtechnology World offer a a comprehensive range of Burnett & Hillman hydraulic fittings and adapters which include; BSP, BSPT, NPTF, JIC, SAE, ORFS, Metric, DIN.

- Hydraulic adaptors

- JIC hydraulic adaptors

- ORFS hydraulic adaptors